Kushido School of Martial Arts


The Kushido School of  Martial Arts is one of the oldest schools of Martial Arts in South Africa that can develop anyone that has no knowledge of Self-defence into being able to defend themselves effectively against many different types of armed and unarmed attacks. The classes are of a non-contact nature and are thus suitable for men, women and children from the age of five years. The Sensei (Teacher) progressively develops each student through the various levels into becoming a Black Belt.

Kushido is an International Karate System that was founded in Cape Town, South Africa in 1963 by Kancho Hugh St. John Thomson and headed for many years by his brother Hanshi Denis St. John Thomson. The organisation is presently headed by Renshi Nico Bester, 7th Dan Black Belt, with the Head Instructor being Shihan Lawrence Milward-Bridges, 6th Dan Black Belt


A person who practices Kushido will gain Self-defence skills relative to their karate grade or level which also enhances characteristics that include; a healthy body and mind, discipline, focus and respect. These qualities are vital for any person wanting to relate well and be accomplished in today’s modern world.


Karate classes are given in Stellenbosch at the Van der Stel Sports Centre, across the road from the local police station. Instruction is given by Sensei Tony Edwards, 4th Dan Black Belt.

Kushido Black Belt Demonstration

Van der Stel Sports Club Community Hall, Stellenbosch. Free and no-problem parking.