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- Shiatsu

Shiatsu, translated from Japanese means, “Finger pressure points”. Pressure points are tiny specific points located all over the body, which when pressed, releases tension from that area. The Shiatsu practitioner knows where these points are located and how to apply the correct pressure in the right way to release the tension. These points are all connected via meridian energy channels that interconnects the entire body.

What is Vital energy or Chi?

Our body’s have energy networks called Meridians and energy centres called Chakras that support and enable our body to function on a physical level so the we remain healthy, similar to the software that runs a computer. However poor life-style habits deplete and block the natural flow of this vital energy, impeding a healthy and strong system.

A healthy and positive lifestyle encourages encourages the flow of this chi that circulates through our body that would otherwise be the cause of ill-health. Therapeutic help can restore the imbalances that stressful or unhealthy living brings about for which the Shiatsu treatment is very helpful.

Each session is an hour long. You may come for a single visit to feel relaxed and rejuvenated or for a series of treatments to address a health concern.


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