Kushido School of Martial Arts


Kushido adult classes are suitable for people older than 14 years. You will start to learn the basics of Karate from the first class. Each class is of an energetic nature, however one does not need to be fit to join in. Fitness, flexibility and the ability to execute the techniques will improve with each class.

Partner work is an important part of Karate as the ability to defend and attack becomes increasingly important as one learns to perform the exercises that are preparative for similar real-life situations. This ability will improve as one continues to train in the Dojo (place of Karate practice) with the other Karate-ka.

There is a system of grading white to green to brown and black belt. Anyone can earn a black belt as long as they have the right commitment and dedication.

Kushido has been teaching students for more than 55 years, be assured of tuition equal to that of the finest in the world.




14 years+

Tuesdays and Thursdays

6:15pm to 7:30pm